Sunday , February 28 2021

Exodus to the Epic Games Store

The digital store Epic Game Shop Ubisoft, which must be added to the arrival of Metro Exodus, the new chapter of the 4A Games saga, although this theme has been one of the more controversy generated this week.

Initially the title would be distributed through Steam until Deep Silver communicated days ago that it had signed an exclusive agreement with Epic Games so the game was put on sale only in your store. This situation caused a stir after eliminating the possibility of acquiring this new installment in Valve's digital store.

However, those who already had made the reservation in advance, yes they will receive the game when it goes on sale, while the rest of the users should wait until February 2020, which is when this exclusive agreement that both companies have reached will end. This did not prevent lots of people got angry against Deep Silver in the face of this sudden situation that occurred.

To show their rejection by this decision, the pages of Metro: 2033 and Metro: Last Light on Steam received a huge barrage of negative reviews for all that happened, because so far both games had received a very favorable level of criticism. You just have to keep an eye on the following graphics:

Metro Steam 2033 Metro Steam 2033 revision chart.
Last light of the subway Metro review chart: Last Light on Steam.

And if you look at the comments come loose some pearls like the following:

Metro Critica 01
Metro Critica 02
Metro Critica 03
Metro Critica 04
Metro Critica 05
Metro Critica 06
Metro Critica 07
Metro Critica 08
Metro Critica 09
Metro Critical 10

In case you want to get to the Metro: Exodus via Steam, you will have to wait until the February 14, 2020. On the contrary, if you do not care about a store or another store to buy it, you can pre-order it in the Epic Games Store for 59.99 euros or its Gold edition for 84.99 euros so that you can have it, it for when it goes on sale. February 15th.

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