Ex reality girl gets inside after starring juicy scandal in Peru


A complicated moment is one that goes through these days Angie Jibaja The ex-girl from reality has made the decision to enter a rehabilitation center, where he will start a fight against depression and addictions.

"This I am doing for myself, because I want to be well, for my children, for my family, the few friends that remain for me and for my fans", wrote on the Instagram according to what was collected by the Peruvian morning newspaper The trade.

Besides that, According to signs from the neighboring country, the Peruvian actress agreed to be treated after a scandal that she starred in a New Year's Eve party, where she climbed onto a stage and shouted to the world that she is "addicted and crazy".


Through another story he posted on his Instagram account, Jibaja said goodbye to his followers on the social network for a while.

"Sweethearts, I say goodbye to you for a while, all of this will be for my improvement … It's the best decision I've made, just stop speculating about things that are not, please, I'm asking you. I'm going to a center, "he clarified.

After his first day on the spot, former "Perfect Couple" sent another text to his fans. "First day … I just want peace, love, health, work, to be 100% for my children and for everything that comes," he wrote.

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With them and you I stay … I learned that there are so many, but so many people … so many bad people, friends who say they love you, but who are only with you when you are well … God is approaching the sick , the poor, for the fallen, and not for the people who think they are perfect, because here NOBODY IS PERFECT. I do not want to see so many more, I do not even want to say hello if they see me, I do not want any of these hypocrites, no, I'm talking about the people of TV SARTA DE HIPCRCRITAS, producers of TV masters, channel owners and ex- Novi points … It all influenced, from a fallen tree they wanted to make firewood, they did not expect me dead to continue talking ahhhhhh. I hate them all. Before, I do not even hate the father of my children who is a hdp, a m … or a poor man who has done nothing to this day, who still owes my children 150,000 soles that belong to my children, so my children and I already had peace. But this bastard so far believes that for his latest checks of 250 soles for each, he believes that with this they will eat and so on. At Christmas he offered two things to each one, BELIEVED THAT HE LOUIS? NOOOOOO, if I had not made that effort, I would have given it to them. May that unhappy judge that God … .. But no, everything points to me, because I am depressed. Let's see who does not break? Who does not suffer from depression today, IS A DISEASE, nothing more, but in this way, NEVER AVAILABLE MY CHILDREN JAMASSSSSS AND I STOP GIVING ORIENTAL ABANDONED JAMASSSSSSSSSS JAMASSSSSSSSSS JAMASSSSSSSSSSSS Not in my worst moments … .. A year ago I was triumphing, and now that I have fallen into this depression, they have already sent me letters from the ministry, they go twice to the house to supervise them AND THE TWO TIMES HAVE LEFT IN LOVE OF MY BABIES AND HIS WAY TO ACT TO SPEAK, FROM HIS WAY TO BE HAS been convinced that they love me and that I too …… Now ????? Because they insist they take my children because ??????? Why? Why? Whyeeeee ????? Go see worse cases put their noses where they are worried and leave me alone. They and I will be fine. I'm going to get out of this situation.

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