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Evil Malicious algorithm of some airlines separates family members and snakes by sitting together

November 25, 2018

Margot James, the Minister of State for Digital and Creative Industries in England, made a regrettable announcement: airlines would charge more families to travel together on flights. Incredibly, airlines would be taking advantage of the fact that the issue is not regulated to identify when a family travels and to apply extra cost when selecting their seats. If they do not pay, they are located in distant seats.

Image: Matej Kastelic via Shutterstock

The minister described the algorithm as a code "to deceive the general public." This was mentioned in an Independent UK report: "Some airlines have set up an algorithm to identify passengers of the same name who travel together. They have the temerity to divide passengers, and when the family wants to travel together, they are charged more.

Passengers began to realize that they were separating from their relatives if they had not paid more for seats since June 2017 … Controversial airline algorithm charges more families by sitting together

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