Thursday , March 4 2021

Estay: "Castillo said he would never play in America, sometimes it's better to shut up"

The exvolante spoke with the CDF News about the hiring of Renquino, who left Benfica and will play in the "Eagles", rivals of Pumas, his excluded.

Finally, the fate of Nicolás Castillo. The attacker will return to Mexico, but not to the Pumas, but to a rival, America.

Fabián Estay, who did a large part of his career in the Aztec country and played in the "Eagles", talked to CDF News on the Renquino's signature.

"Expectations are very high, he said that if he returned to Mexico, it would be for Pumas, that little controversy will be there, Nicolas will have a great responsibility, he will reach a great institution, which will take him to mark and be holder ., since Benfica was not adding minutes, "said the former national.

Will there be much pressure on Castillo because of the media coverage of the signature and rivalry with Pumas?

In America the pressure is different, everything has another dimension. The rivalry will have to remain on the court. I imagine that the people of Pumas are very hurt. He said he would never play in America, sometimes it's better to shut up, not talk. I have no doubt that it will cover mouths.

Does the decision to return to Mexico give you more chances of being an alternative to the Copa America?

I think so. With that signature, I imagine that Castillo will enjoy the Copa America. Here football is competitive and will continue. He will certainly become an important man for Reinaldo Rueda and the Chilean national team.

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