Epidemiological alert for malaria in Merida


"We declare ourselves in epidemiological alarm due to the presence of malaria"Said the coordinator of the Malaria Eradication Program, Darío Alberto Azuaje, after indicating that in Mérida were detected 394 cases of this disease, all scattered in the Pan American axis, especially in the municipality Dom Ramos de Lora.

Azuaje said that a series of obstacles were presented that prevented the action with the necessary speed. "O fumigations could not be done because of the heavy rainfall in the region, because when applying the insecticide, if it's raining, it's raining and It has no effect"He said.

According to the newspaper The wellAccess to high areas is becoming increasingly difficult due to the lack of vehicles, but communities such as prefectures, are collaborating with motorcycles and animals to reach the populations of Caño Azul, Rio Frio, Rio Perdido, Coal Caño, among others.

Dr. Azuaje recommends that communities at risk use of mosquito nets and the wire laying in their homes to avoid contact between the mosquito anopheline, of nocturnal habits and healthy people.

That person who was in a malaria area and feel fever, chills and sweating they should go to get the exams and if they leave positive cCount on your complete recipe. "We are covered, throughout December, by what can happen from the epidemiological point of view," he said.

Venezuela accumulates increased number of malaria cases around the world: half a million per year, according to World Health Organization. The spread of disease in Bolívar, Amazonas, Anzoátegui, Sucre, Monagas and Delta Amacuro It also extends to border areas with Brazil and Colombia, where thousands of Venezuelans arrived in search of refuge.


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