Tuesday , October 26 2021

Enap workers reject adjustment plan that would include mass layoffs due to economic situation | economy


The labor unions of Companhia Nacional do Petróleo, ENAP, rejected the readjustment plan that the company evaluates to face its "Delicate economic situation".

Through a statement, the company said that "He saw his worst results because of the sharp decline in international refining margins, as well as a substantial increase in crude oil prices that has led to higher production costs. "

"There is also a sustained level of indebtedness, "said the company, which drafted a plan to reduce the cash deficit and contain costs, which would include the dismissal of around 450 people, considering that the state has accumulated losses of US $ 152 million in September of this year.

The president of the Union of Professionals of the National Oil Company, Guido Kusanovic, pointed out that the position of the company creates uncertainty in workers, who has to pay the costs of mismanagement.


The president of the Union of Workers of Enap Magallanes, Alejandro Avendaño, recalled that in 2010 – in the previous government of President Sebastián Piñera- More than 500 workers were laid off.

The president of the commission investigating possible irregularities in the investments and commercial actions carried out by ENAP between 2014 and 2018, the socialist deputy Jaime Tohá, indicated that in the case the company did not warn about possible layoffs.


For the also member of the instance, the deputy of the National Renovation, Jorge Durán, changes in ENAP have to go beyond of layoffs.


ENAP, through a statement, noted that the details and implementation of the adjustment plan are under study, but according to La Tercera newspaper, it has already been approved by the council.

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