Thursday , October 21 2021

ENAP announces adjustment plan including around 500 layoffs | economy


In the midst of the crisis National Petroleum Company (ENAP) of Chile, for its supposed responsibility in the episodes of pollution in Quintero and Puchuncaví, the directive announced bad news.

It is an adjustment plan that responds to the millionaire losses that the company registered, which accumulates more than 150 million dollars in losses (September); that is, more than 10 billion pesos.

Said plan, within its considerations to save costs, determines the dismissal of some 500 ENAP workers: 13% of the total staff, says La Tercera.

In this sense, the company referred to the situation, admitting the complex stage they are going through due to the international context of oil and its high price.

"As the company informed its workers and also publicly, ENAP saw its results worsen due to the sharp fall in international refining margins, as well as a considerable increase in oil prices, which led to higher production costs. There is also a sustained level of indebtedness, superior to the generation of company resources", Explained according to the means mentioned.

"We are aware that these measures can be painful, but we believe we have an obligation to put the future of the company ahead, doing what is necessary to be more productive, contributing to the country and fulfilling our obligations to the region and to all the Chileans. " "They added.

The layoffs, as reported, should be effective over the next few weeks.

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