Elon Musk shows off his impressive Starship, a test ship to go to Mars


It seems that SpaceX's ambitious project to reach Mars is gradually taking shape, as revealed by Elon Musk himself through Twitter.

And is that the employer shared in this social network an image of the Stellar ship, that is, the spacecraft, with which they plan to reach the Red Planet.

Musk clarified in the tweet that it is a real photograph and not a recreation. In addition, This is a smaller trial versionand not the ship that will arrive in the future Mars and for the Moon.

Likewise, the founder of SpaceX revealed that the first flight tests could be conducted in the months of February and March, and would be similar to those performed with the Falcon 9 ships.

These tests consist of raising the ship to some degree lowering back to the base and landing gently on it.

Elon Musk also retweeted a video made by Twitter user, Evelyn Janeidy Arévalo, which shows how the ship appears from the window of a car.

The orbital version, that is, intended to travel to Mars, would be the company's largest spacecraft, and would have to be completed by 2022, the year SpaceX intends to launch it for an unmanned mission.

In addition, the Starship is planned to tour the Moon with up to 100 passengers on board in 2023.

Although the project is ambitious, it can still vary widely, but the truth is that everything indicates that the company is on track to achieve the proposed objectives.


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