Elon Musk says he publishes what he wants on Twitter after being fired


A series of tweets put Tesla Motors at financial risk and cost Musk the position of president of the company. But he does not seem to care.

Elon Musk is apparently more and more insane. First he says that you want to move to Mars; although he probably killed himself in the attempt. And now he reveals that no one is moderating him full-time in his use of his Twitter account.

The idea that someone is behind him approving what you can post and what you can not It seems absurd. But after this scandal for a tweet, which put financial risk to Tesla Motors; and that this has cost him the resignation of his position as president, he is supposed to be regulated in his use of that social network.

Tesla Motors elon Musk

But not. In an interview with the people of CBSElon Musk revealed that in reality he continues to have control and free will over all the savages he publishes in his narrative:

The only tweets that would have to be, so to speak, "reviewed" would be those that would have a chance to cause a move in the actions. [bursátiles de Tesla Motors].
Otherwise, I say "Hello, First Amendment." I use my tweets to express myself. Some people use their hair to express themselves, I use my Twitter.

Musk qualifies the social network as "a war zone"; but alludes to the right of freedom of expression of the First Amendment to publish what you want on the platform.

Well, the good Elon Musk apparently has not changed.


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