Elon Musk reveals he plans to move to Mars


Elon Musk has announced that there is a good chance that he will personally go to Mars on one of his spacecraft before he dies.

And although he acknowledged that there is a great risk in satisfying this desire, he said he was very interested in being part of one of those missions.

The founder of Tesla, 47, said there are several millionaires interested in visiting the Red Planet, although he said that Some consider this trip as a fantasy, but it will be the opposite since there will be little free time and life on Mars will be very complicated.

Musk said in an interview with Axios on HBO that he was being very serious in his words and that he did not even rule out the possibility of moving to this planet even though he knew that "the probability of dying on Mars is much higher than on Earth"

The businessman explained that this trip could be possible in about seven years, that is, for the year 2025, plus the price will be "a couple of hundred thousand dollars," something that is not available to anyone.

Elon warned that those who are thinking of making this journey to live a fun experience are totally wrong, because whoever makes the trip will work non-stop to build the base, so ensures that there will be plenty of time for leisure.

SpaceX plans to carry out its first cargo-carrying mission to Mars in the year 2022. The objective will be to confirm if there are water resources, identify the main risks and install infrastructures that can provide energy.

The second mission, already with crew and cargo, is scheduled for 2024, although Musk's plans to colonize Mars were criticized by some members of the scientific community, because NASA reported in August this year that they inhabit the planet. Red is almost impossible with the technology that is available today.


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