Elon Musk already has a purpose for 2019: a Tesla truck


Place your bets

Elon Musk has a lot to say about these last days of the year. He has already revealed that no one is controlling him. Using your Twitter account and now it seems to have betrayed the plans of Tesla Motors for 2019.

The story is a little long. But everything points to the company being ready to show its first prototype of a 100% electric pickup truck.

It is known that since Musk long time ago He spoke publicly about this project. At that time, he raised an estimated time to present the vehicle and that lapse has already been fulfilled.

Many people were not surprised when the following message was posted to their official Twitter account:

It seems almost a fact then. For 2019, we'll see Tesla Motors' first pickup truck. That if the company keeps healthy finances and Musk will not ruin your account again Twitter.

The appearance of this new model will necessarily raise new lines of action for Tesla.
How many doubts about the qualities and functions of the truck. Maybe there are more surprises along the way.

What would you like Uncle Elon Musk to put on your Tesla pickup truck?


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