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El Urbano Rural – Health Service & Higgins has extensive contingency plan for national holidays

This planning aims to strengthen emergency network devices, as well as the entire ambulance system, to respond efficiently to any demands and needs of the population.

Like every year, O&G Higgins Health Service prepared a comprehensive contingency plan to address national holidays, which this year will cover almost a full week and, for many, more than a week. The purpose of this program is to organize and improve the ability to respond to the likely effects of adverse events.

Boris Moreno, head of the O&G Higgins Health Emergency and Disaster Risk Department, said a series of measures were taken to strengthen the O&G Higgins health care network during the Patria Holidays. “This year's celebration is particularly extensive, so the risk to the population is greater. The greatest number of threats is related to vehicle displacement and eventual mass poisoning. Therefore, O & Higgins Health Service has provided several measures to strengthen the most sought after establishments on this vacation. Thus, the Pichilemu Hospital in its Emergency Unit was reinforced with a second doctor and a fourth nursing shift. Similarly, imaging and laboratory services will be strengthened to increase supply and resolution, ambulances will also be strengthened to transfer patients. ”

The professional went on to detail that “the area of ​​Estrada das Frutas, where there are also festivities alluding to this celebration, was strengthened with a fourth nursing change at Pichidegua Hospital. Most importantly, we have increased the supply of critical beds in the most complex hospitals to generate quotas. We have also incorporated a new Trauma Center at LBO Regional Hospital, which is characterized as a 24/7 operating unit, led by a trauma specialist, for the various injuries that may occur. Finally, SAMU O & Higgins will carry out a contingency plan to plan the first response to adverse events or urgent situations. ”

The importance of proper use of the Health Network

The decision is to enjoy the holidays, but in moderation, both from the point of view of food intake and alcohol intake and safe driving behaviors are maintained. “Considering that during this period, most consultations are due to food transgressions and gastrointestinal problems due to excessive ingestion, high fat diet or problems associated with alcohol abuse, it is noteworthy that most of these cases can be resolved at the Services. Emergency Care Services (SAPU), prepared to address low-complexity emergencies, stabilize patients, deliver medications to continue their treatment at home and transfer them to the hospital emergency unit if necessary, ”said Moreno.

Finally, the nurse said that if “you have questions about where you can go, you can call Health Respond at 600 360 7777 from any phone and ask about the specific case and health professionals, doctors and nurses, 24 hours a day, they will indicate which establishment is closest to them according to their pathology. ”

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