Eduardo Vargas entered and scored in an epic Tigers tie


The Chilean entered the final minutes and scored in the suffered 3-3 of the regiomontanos before Morelia. Rodrigo Millar also shone on the visit.

Tigers UANL and Monarchs Morelia they fought for the 15th Closing Tournament gives League MX in a game that counted on the Chilean protagonism, since Eduardo Vargas and Rodrigo Millar They stood out for their respective teams.

The visit was 2-0 before 35 minutes thanks to the double Miguel Ángel Sansores, who in the second took advantage of a precise assistance of "Chino". Lucas Zelarrayán netted for the "felines" (65), but Edison Flores left things 3-1.

The last 15 of the games were infamous: at 78 & # 39; repeated Lucas Zelarrayán and to the 82 "Eduardo Vargas replaced Jair Diaz. The Renquino had a few seconds on the court when, after a luxury of Zelarrayán, nudged the ball and decreed the 3-3.

Tigres is sub-leader of the Aztec competition with 33 points and has already secured his place in the post-season season.


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