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Eat a daily action and see all that can cure your health


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(Caracas. October 27th. News24) The personas, especially women, take care of their aesthetics with great care. For it there are numerous recipes of mascarillas, mezclas and foods that contribute as much to the care of the skin as to preserve the body from the inside. That's why today we will give you all the benefits it will bring to you and ingest a daily action.

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According to studies carried out by various universities and laboratories, it helps to reduce blood pressure – aiding the circulation of blood in the body -, eradicating tiredness during pregnancy – giving more energy to mothers for their daily lives – cure some vaginal infections.

Other son benefits: prevent cancer – in most women -, reduce cholesterol – by decreasing the potential for cardiovascular disease – and detoxifying the body of heavy metals.

The study of four weeks was carried out on the floor of a coach drum factory – an overexposure to the projection that led to the lower levels in the blood of workers by 19%. Asimismo, mermó much the clinical signs of toxicity, included values ​​of head and blood pressure.

Everything is supported by the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center studio, It is assured that the teeth of those are a source of antioxidants, and they will be crushed in allicin.

So what I know: eat a daily one and see the results.

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