Easter Island Court of War burned after homicide demonstration


Serious incidents were reported on Easter Island on Tuesday.

The facts originated after a hearing of formalization of a defendant by homicide, identified as J. A. N. H., 51, when a group of demonstrators burned the court of Guarantee of that commune.

It would all have started with a fight on Monday night. According to information from the Bío Bío radio station, the victim would have arrived at the defendant's house, nicknamed "Pakistan", to settle accounts. After that, the assailant, identified as Luis Alberto Araki Pao, 34, was killed after being injured with a knife.

Carabineros detained him around 01:30 and was turned over to the staff of the PDI Homicide Brigade.

Today, during the afternoon, while J.A.N. H. was taken to formalization, he was attacked with a strong element, so Carabineros was present at the scene.

After the hearing, the arrest was ordered and the accused was transferred to Valparaiso. After that, strangers threw an incendiary device in court.

According to Carabineros, the demonstrators prevented firefighters from arriving at the site, so the building was consumed by the flames.

The defendant, who was found with several wounded, has no vital risk and will be transferred to Santiago.


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