Earth's magnetic pole has gone crazy and no one knows why yet.


Geologists have been warned because the Earth's magnetic pole is moving at a rapid pace compared to previous years.

For many years, humans were able to use the Earth's magnetic field in our favor. For example, we have been able to create compasses that will help guide us in navigating the sea. Not only that, but we owe our daily use of Google Maps from our smartphones. That is why a significant change in the magnetic pole of the planet would make things more difficult for us.

Precisely this would be the scientific community involved at this time. According to nature, the earth's magnetic pole would be moving at an unusual and inconvenient rate.

Remember that geographic north pole it's him north magnetic pole They are two different things. The first is located in the most northerly point of the world, while the other is at a distance of 1,600 km towards Canada. That yes, is in constant motion.

Usually the movement of the magnetic pole is usually not a big problem, because it is not much difference for those who depend on its location. It only shifted about 15 km a year to Siberia, so the geologists of the world only had to meet every five years to update their position and make a new model of magnetic declination.

The last time they did this job was in 2015, and a lot of things have happened since then.. A year after making the model, they realized that the magnetic pole had moved out of predictions. This means that this point is moving faster and faster to Siberia and that the model that should work by 2020 will have to be upgraded prematurely.

Earth's magnetic pole has gone crazy and no one knows why yet.

How did this happen?

The first thing that has been seen is that the speed of movement of the magnetic pole has changed radically in recent years. In the 1990s its displacement happened from 15 kilometers a year to about 55 in the same period of time. Added to this, it is believed that in 2016 there was a shake-up of part of the magnetic field. This comes from the depths of South America and the Eastern Pacific Ocean. Certainly that is why the calculations were made.

Of course, magnetic fields are known to arise from the movement of liquid iron from the Earth's core. However, it is not known what produced the changes in core behavior.

The hypotheses point out that the "hydromagnetic" waves produced from the depths of the nucleus would be responsible. It is also considered that a high-speed liquid iron jet underground in Canada may be behind everything.

What is clear is that we should correct the error as soon as possible. That's why geologists should meet this month to fix it. The appointment was planned for January 15, but the closure of the US government. will delay the discussion until January 31. Meanwhile, navigation systems will be operating more loosely than normal.

Earth's magnetic pole has gone crazy and no one knows why yet.


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