EA and DICE show how hair will be in the new generation


Although we still do not know much about the next generation of consoles besides the technical data, little by little the companies begin to show some advances or demos that give account of what is being developed in the next years. Precisely, EA and DICE did the same using their Frostbite mechanism to take a look at the next generation and did so with something very difficult to capture properly in a video game: hair.

It may seem strange to you what EA and DICE have come up with with their Frostbite graphics engine operating on what will be the next generation of video game hardware, however, it is common, as well as those presentations that involved a moving dinosaur, a sequence in the sea ​​bottom or even the face of Super Mario. That's why both the company and the studio revealed what they've achieved with Frostbite, thinking of the new video games that will accompany the new game consoles and PC experiences, and the results are impressive because they show a remarkable breakthrough in using the engine to handle something so complex, although it may not look like the hair of a character, which explains the progress he has for the new generation.

The videos shown by EA and DICE highlight the use of Frostbite to achieve motion, volume and melanin effects, something that is not possible with this generation's video game hardware.

What do you think about the work of EA and DICE with Frostbite for the next generation?

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