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Dragon Ball Super: We already know what is called and the power that the new villain has


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<p>After its revelation last month, the latest edition of the manga <em><strong>Dragon Ball Super</strong></em>    was hired to inform us the real name as well as the tremendous powers of the new villain of the series. Yes, we mean the prisoner who escaped from the prison of the <strong>Galactic Patrol</strong> with the appearance of a goat.<strong> (ATTENTION: SPOILERS WITHIN THE NOTE)</strong></p>
<p>In the last chapter of the manga it is exposed that the villain in question is called <strong>I live</strong> and is known in the universe as the "<em>Planet Dining Room</em>"Because of his overwhelming magical powers that allow him to absorb the life of the stars, which he consumes in order to increase his powers and powers.As related, <strong>I live</strong> He fought with the sacred Kaiosama 10 million years ago, but was eventually apprehended by the deity after making use of KaikaiMatoru, a powerful and dangerous technique that only he is able to do and with which he managed to steal all his magic from the villain.</p>
<p>Although the power with which you currently have is now unknown <strong>I live</strong>It is said that in the past he had so much that he was able to destroy and devour the energy of more than 320 planets. However, it is assumed that he has found a way to get some magic that he used to escape and is now in search of more to regain his tremendous magical powers.</p>
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