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Dragon Ball Super: fans started laughing with terrible cosplay of Majin Boo | Photos | Video | Viral | Dragon Ball Heroes


Majin Boo is one of the most popular villains in anime created by Akira Toriyama, so much that young Has decided to make a cosplay of this character; However, the result was not expected and thousands of fans of Dragon Ball Super burst into laughter, after seeing the peculiar result.

Unlike other cosplayer, who spends a lot of money to look like the character, young who made it terrible cosplay in Majin Boo, which generated laughter in fans of Dragon Ball Super, did not make a big monetary investment, since he used low-budget materials.

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Anucha Saengchartas this young Asian is called, he has become famous & # 39; at the social networks, because on his Facebook page he usually shares his cosplay of low budget, the latter is remembered by fans of Dragon Ball Super.

We refer to Majin Boo, a character who, throughout the series, has undergone several transformations, the last of which, considered the most powerful of all, is the inspiration for this horrendous cosplay.

As you can see in the pictures, to do this cosplay in Majin Boo, the young Asian only wore a red condom, which he put on the head and placed it to resemble this character.

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Believe it or not, the success of this terrible cosplay Dragon Ball Super was instant, as it currently has more than 32,000 reactions on Facebook and thousands of people have not hesitated to share the images.

If you want to see the terrible cosplay of Dragon Ball Super performed by this young Asian, so do not hesitate to check our gallery, by sliding the main image to the left. You will get a smile when you see.

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Sensual Cosplay Android 18 with sexy villain clothes emotions fans

You have to see it. Thousands of Dragon Ball Super fans were fascinated after seeing a series of images which show the sensual cosplay of Android 18 who made a girl, who changed the traditional clothing of this powerful female character and replaced it with a sexy villain costume that thrilled fans of anime created by Akira Toriyama.

The woman decided to dress like this beloved character and did not hesitate to make a bold cosplay which has thrilled thousands of Dragon Ball Super fans. The young fan of Android 18, decided to imitate the clothes she wore during her arrival in the series of Akira Toriyama, when I still had in mind to assassinate Goku The photos of the girl are already a sensation in Instagram, social network in which the girl was filled with praise.

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Girl does Kale cosplay

A young fan of Dragon Ball Super surprised more than one fanatic thanks to its beauty and ability to dress in the clothes of the warrior Kale, one of the most powerful characters in the world. Akira Toriyama, as part of a cosplay photo shoot for the networks. Click here to see the pictures.

The first appearance of Cabbage in Dragon Ball Super discouraged most of the fans, since it had a docile aspect; however, this female character has tremendous power that makes her a mighty warrior, comparable to Broly. Thousands of fans were conquered with the beauty of the young woman who wore a fantasy of hers.

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Girl performs sexy cosplay of Maron, Krillin's ex-girlfriend and praises fans

Girl fell in love with everyone. A young follower of Dragon Ball Super generated great uproar in social networks, after revealing the suggestive one cosplay what did he do? Maron, Krillin's ex-girlfriend, which had a fleeting but important appearance in the anime created by Akira Toriyama

If you have become a fan of Akira Toriyama thanks to Dragon Ball Super, you probably do not remember Maron, the ex-girlfriend of Krillin which had a strong resemblance to Bulma and that broke the heart for Krillin, the warrior who would conquer Android 18.

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