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Dragon Ball Super: Broly is a film that was shown ahead of time in Japan thanks to a first show for the people of that country. This made people disclose part of the plot and some images that have now been filtered around the world. Let's see what new things are coming in this expected movie.

Warning of spoilers! the note and the photos you'll see in the gallery contains information from the movie & # 39;Dragon Ball Super: Broly & # 39; Having warned this, we began to explain the new images filtered. These come from the same transmission a few weeks before the official premiere in Japan.

The rest of the note contains SPOILERS of Dragon Ball Super

As expected, Broly It unleashed all its power against the protagonists of the new film. According to the description of the photos, it was Freezer he was devastated by the power of the villain Vegeta and Goku they had to come to the rescue, including the Legendary Saiyan attack Whis.

Curiously Dragon Ball Super: Broly & # 39; also places Freezer As a villain, he catches the dragonballs and begins plotting revenge against Goku and Vegeta. However, they did not imagine that the protagonists had an ace up their sleeve.

Gogeta appears in action and faces the powerful Broly, in turn, can trigger the Super Saiyan Blue. This transformation is far superior to what the normal version of the villain can give, then unleashes the true power of his race.

There is Dragon Ball Super unleashes the most epic combat ever seen, not even the Jiren it was so. Both fighters are equally powerful, but ultimately Gogeta This is imposed. Apparently, the anime has become canonical in this powerful transformation.

Remember that the manga has begun the next saga of Dragon Ball Super and is titled & # 39; the prisoner of the galactic patrol& # 39; O Fusion in between Goku and Vegeta without slope should also be possible in these events, since the work of Toyotaro Come in later.

What do you think is the course of the manga with this new saga? Undoubtedly, the film provoked the whole story created by Akira Toriyamaand, in turn, based the past on the main characters.

For now, we'll have to wait for the premiere of & # 39; Dragon Ball Super: Broly and the next saga in its entirety to learn more about the future of Goku and Vegeta. On December 14 comes the movie and on the 21st of the same month the manga.

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