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Bomb Thousands of fans of Dragon Ball Super were more than surprised to see some supposed "sketches" that would have been made by the same one Akira Toriyama about the appearance that the saiyajines Goku, Vegeta and Trunks would have in the famous animated series.

The images left wordless thousands of fans who could not believe what these characters would be if they were women in the main plot whose story will return to the movies in this new movie Dragon Ball Super Broly.

After a recent posting shared on the portal called Kami Sama Explorer, hundreds of Facebook users and fans of Dragon Ball Super were more than surprised to see how they would be the main characters of the series in their female version.

And it seems that the same Akira Toriyama I would have released this series of sketches in which we can see the look that Goku, Vegeta and Trunks would have as young warriors who would fight to defend peace on their planet "Vegeta".

While the images are really impressive, it is believed that they would not be made by Akira Toriyama since it was not released in any of the official portals in which the mangaka generally shares the sketches that does about some new personages; however, it should be remembered that only a few years ago Akira Toriyama He mentioned that at first he thought of making a woman for Goku and was also encouraged to sketch the appearance he had.

Dragon Ball Super

At the time, this sketch left Dragon Ball Super fans speechless who could not believe what Goku would be in his female version. Here we let you say material created by the Japanese artist. You can also review these projects that allow us to see the appearance of Vegeta and Logs in its feminine version.


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