Dogs can carry potentially deadly viruses to humans Animal life


Dogs can carry potentially deadly viruses to humans

The scientific community is awaiting the final outcome of the study. Tvn


A study carried out by the teacher Dae-sub Song, from the University of Korea, has partially released a 10-year analysis where it would be revealed that dogs would carry a virus potentially life-threatening to humans.

As indicated by the portal Phys.orgScientists have discovered that dogs carry a new type of virus, which is a mutation of influenza A, which can be fatal to humans.

Analysts have taken into account previous studies, in which they determined that dogs can maintain the H3N2 subtype, known as the canine influenza virus, and also "Swine flu", strain H1N1, affects dogs.

In consideration of the above, they demonstrated that the two subtypes can interact, generating a new variation called "CIVmv".

Experts have discovered that dogs have managed to infect ferrets, although they have very similar anti-virus protection mechanisms to humans.

According to the Koreans, the danger lies in the lack of immunity that exists against this new strain, so it focused on the development of a new vaccine.

"Pre-existing VSDs can recombine or regroup with human influenza viruses and give rise to new viruses that in turn can lead to single pandemics"Song explained.

He also assured that there is a high capacity of virus contagion due to a group of cats in a shelter, 100% of the cats were infected, while 10% of them died.

The site indicated that it will present all its details at the annual conference of the Society of Microbiology in Belfast on 10 April.



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