Do you take sweeteners instead of sugar? Its use is safe but offers few benefits according to a recent study


For sweetening we can go for sugars like table sugar, honey or syrups and also sweeteners without sugar and therefore low or calorie free. The WHO is preparing a guide on sugar-free sweeteners and has therefore asked a group of researchers to conduct a review that concludes that the use of sweeteners is safe, but offers little benefit.

The review included more than 56 studies on sweeteners and health, but most of them were observational. Work done with healthy adults, adolescents and children and also with overweight or obese people were included. Different factors were evaluated, such as weight, blood glucose level, oral health, cardiovascular diseases, liver diseases and even cancer. We also reviewed studies on the effects on mood, behavior or eating habits.

The benefits are few

After analyzing all the studies, many of them did not face the effects of sugar and sweeteners, it was possible to demonstrate that The supposed positive effects of the use of sweeteners are very scarce.

One was observed mild weight loss in adults that they used sweeteners in relation to those who used sugar and also, positive effects on oral health. However, the use of sweeteners in substitution for sugar did not show greater benefits due to the lack of long-term evidence and well-conducted studies on its methodology.

The use of sweeteners as a substitute for sugar did not present greater benefits due to the lack of long-term evidence and well-conducted studies on its methodology

Clear, No negative effects were observed Health highlights before the use of sweeteners, which shows that sweeteners are safe but do not offer benefits.

Perhaps the key is to reduce the threshold of sweetness, and for this, nothing better than not sweeteningbecause sweeteners, albeit without calories, can confuse our brain and encourage or keep craving for sweets.

So substituting a soda for sugar might be best for saving calories from a soft drink with sweeteners, but The best option for health-related benefits is undoubtedly water.

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