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In a new chapter of DNA engine, we analyze the advantages of driving a car manual it is a automatic.

The truth is that it is not easy to answer the question of which is better. After all, Each type of vehicle has its advantages and disadvantagesso depending on the type of use we use in the car, it will be worth choosing one or the other.

What is a reality is this It is much easier to operate an automatic vehicle than a mechanic.. Firstly, because we do not have a clutch pedal that we have to synchronize with other steering operations, ie we can drive with only one foot, one placed on the brake to start the vehicle and another to accelerate it.

Automobiles are more comfortable to drive. Not having to use the left foot to step on the clutch and the right hand to change gears makes driving more comfortable for many.

Although knowing how to handle the clutch and the gear lever for many drivers is not usually complicated, if you do not have much experience behind the wheel automatic transmission can make your driving exponentially easier.

The automatic option is undoubtedly the best for those who want to learn to drive in a short period of time and in the simplest way.

O acceleration It is more immediate in manual cars, because gearing responses – or gear changes – are more effective in manipulating the lever. In relation to durability, the life of the gearbox in a manual car is longer, as is maintenance.

The manual car responds better to emergency braking braking engine and also the performance of gasoline It's more efficient.

In the engine, in the manual – when the experience is small – it is usually subjected to a lot of effort, and sometimes end up making serious mistakes. In the car, the engine is kept in better condition because the speed changes are electronic.

On the other hand, A manual driving car will always be cheaper than an automatic. Automotive industries offer better prices on this type of vehicle, so if your budget is more adjusted, it should be taken into consideration before making the purchase.

An automatic vehicle is more comfortable and easier to drive, while a manual vehicle will be cheaper. Of course, there will always be exceptions.


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