Disney-Fox will have the largest investment in the market with its mega alliance of streaming, beating Netflix and Amazon


According to analysts, the merger of Disney-Fox and Comcast-Sky will dominate the world market, at least in investments, promising to remove the brand from Netflix.

The merger of Disney and Fox and the appearance in 2019 of the new streaming platform of the house of Mickey Mouse, would cause a great change in the industry of streaming.

So, at least several Signature Ampere , which concludes that this merger, in addition to Comcast / Sky, will dominate nearly two-fifths of the total industry that has other competitors such as Netflix, Amazon and Hulu.

According to the study, "This represents a combined global total of $ 43 billion by the end of 2018, with Disney / Fox spending $ 22 billion on originating and acquired content, and Comcast / Sky US $ 21 billion. probably have two-fifths of the total spend with content. "


This is also added in the case of Disney + at the end of distribution rights to other platforms for their original content.

The study also adds that "companies such as Netflix and Amazon they continue to invest significantly in content, a trend that shows no signs of diminishing. We expect Netflix to spend more than $ 8 billion on a profit and loss basis by the end of 2018, and the broadcast giant has repeatedly stated that it will continue to increase its content budget. Prior to the recent mergers, Netflix was on track to catch (and surpass) the top Hollywood studios for content spending. However, in light of the two new combined entities, Netflix now would have to triple the expense to achieve this achievement. "


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