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Discovered an asteroid that could impact Tierra in 2084

SU3 2019 could impact against the Tierra in 65 years. So I warned her European Space Agency (ESA) which recently included this asteroid on its List of Risks, and cataloged it as the fourth spatial object identified with the greatest probability of colliding with this planet.

La roca was discovered on September 23 and about 14 meters in diameter. The probability that it stars against the terrestrial atmosphere are 1 out of 147, and according to the astronomers of the ESA, this could concretely occur, September 16, 2084.

The Indian calculations that SU3 2019 will pass a distance from the Tierra de sol 118,000 kilometers, ie, 0,00079 astronomical units. It's in a “potentially dangerous” asteroid, so any space object that comes close to less than 0.05 astronomical units on one planet is considered to be high risk and classified as “NEO” (Objects Close to Tierra) , y to be monitored by international space agencies.

If it compares with the distance between our planet and Luna, which is 384,400 kilometers long, It is possible to have a clearer idea of ​​the fence that would pass over the surface of the earth.

Aunque parezca that fall mucho time to the 2084, The plans to deflect the asteroid tray may take decades. For this reason, ESA has even included this new road in its only “List of Risks”, bell also in its “Priority List”.

Aunque the possibilities that SU3 2019 stars against the Tierra are high, the astronomers have clarified that by their small size, the damage is not serious. They explained that it is more likely that shatter al impact the atmosphere, as it was in February 2013 with the meteorite that exploded in the city of Chelyabinsk, in Rusia. The asteroid differentiates SU3 2019, this distaff was not located with a margin of sufficient action to divert it, and I left his house 1,000 heroes and several broken houses.

Moreover, ESA insisted that the calculated asteroid trayector discovered in September is not definitive, And I will clarify that in the near years, will pass around Venus, Mercury and Mars. This proximity to other planets could The gravitational wave of any of them will divert your tray and wipe it out of the Tierra.

Experts can be calm and tranquil to avoid the alarm needed to be broken in social networks at the beginning of thewhen the asteroid FT3 2007 it passed 138 million kilometers from the earth's surface.

So users have feared the end of the world, summoned a "massive blast", and even organized prayer groups, before scientific evidence has demolished the imminent impact and ensured that FT3 2007 did not assume any danger to Tierra and that the possibilities of a collision eran of 0.00000092%.

Before, a fake news aseguró that asteroid “Dios del Caos” could destroy our planet in 2029. NASA has then denied such information and assurance that the impact of any spatial object on the next 100 years was not foreseen. A statement that was released in August, before the discovery of SU3 2019.

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