a scandal shakes the cosmetics and hygiene products industry after a series of documents that accredit the existence of a dangerous element among those used to create baby powder.

According to the Reuters news agency, a series of documents revealed that, from 1971 to 2000, Johnson & Johnson Talc Powder He gave positive in small amounts of asbestos, a series of minerals that are industrially used as insulation and which is associated with the onset of cancer.

The investigation by the US agency also revealed that Johnson & Johnson executives, managers, scientists, doctors, and lawyers cared about the problem and how to solve it, but they did not report regulatory bodies or the public.

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Rumors of the toxic element in baby powder started after a series of demands that the cosmetics company has faced, over 6 thousand cases claiming that his product has generated different types of cancer as tumors in the ovaries.

Despite the lawsuits, J & J delivered the reports in a confidential manner, being able to safeguard the information from the public eye, where Both the company and the external laboratories reveal that they contain "fiber form" and "rods" of asbestos, a term used for asbestos.

A few months ago, the largest health authority in the United States (FDA) conducted a study of samples of the product in which the presence of asbestos was not detected. However, that did not stop a jury in Missouri from asking the company in July to pay $ 4.96 billion to 22 women and their families, who blamed her for getting sick after using the baby product.

In Johnson & Johnson They ensured that "any suggestion" that the company "Knowing or hiding information about the safety of talc is false".

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