Discord responds to Steam and Epic: 90% for developers


After the new benefit-sharing policy Steam – Which did not please independent studies – and the birth of the ambitious Epic Game Shop and its 88% benefits to developers, Discord he contested with a reworking of his strategy to give the studios even more percentage of profits: 90%

Discord's digital store, which has so far gone unnoticed or played a minor role in Valve's empire, is now seen as the channel for greater income for studios, which is especially interesting for small developers. The measure will take effect next year 2019 through a special program that will offer more news.


"Almost four years later, more than 200 million people used Discordia to talk and play with their friends," they said in the statement. "Regardless of size, from AAA to single-person teams, developers will be able to publish their titles. The remaining 10% will cover our remaining operating costs and we'll explore how to reduce them by optimizing our technology and making things more efficient ".

The remaining 90%, in this way, go into the developer's pocket, a precedent never seen before. The community response is really positive for now, but for now Steam will continue with its renewed strategy: 70% for developers and 30% for Valve, unless they exceed the $ 10 million benefit, which will increase to 75%; or 80% if the benefits exceed $ 50 million.


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