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Difference between generic and similar drugs, yes, there is!

Difference between generic and similar drugs, yes, there is! Courtesy: iStockPrivacy Policy
Difference between generic and similar drugs, yes, there is! Courtesy: iStock

Most people have turned to the pharmacies recognized as being more economical and accessible to all, for fill a prescription. But you know what? difference between generic and similar drugs? Yes there is!

Of course you find this scene familiar: you go to private doctoryou go out with you recipe, you reach the pharmacy, you hand it over to the manager, fine … until he tells you the cost. When talking about Cheers, more than an expense is an investment, the reality is that they are not always available to everyone. It's when your mind comes to buy your generic O similar.


You know that one medication is a pill, syrup or capsule that serves to treat diseasesbutwhat are they made of?? In general, of one or more active ingredients (in charge of healing you) and inactive substances or excipients, which serve to administer it, besides giving you the consistency, shape and flavor.

Those known as "Brand"are the result of a research process of a pharmaceuticalwhat is protected by a patent, therefore, can only be manufactured by laboratory which they developed during the time it lasts, then they can "replicate."

And then the generic and similar, which contain the same principle or active ingredients.


Of course you have heard that "they are the same but cheaper". However, even if both contain same active ingredient that the patentIt is not the same to choose a drug similar to a genericBecause?

Have you heard the term generic exchangeable, is the correct way to call the generic, then, according to information published in the book "General Pharmacology, A Study Guide," these have passed tests ofinterchangeability, proving to be equal or equivalent that the patent product, this for having the same active substance, route of administration and concentration.

In contrast, similar did not pass these tests, therefore, even if they have the same active principle and quantity, they are not considered interchangeablewell your preparation or additives You can vary the way drug behaves in your body.


In short? While the similar drugs they could work (often they do), if you want to have greater security that they will fulfill their mission, better choose a generic exchangeable. In fact, experts recommend do not use similarwell though they are not harmful, your effectiveness is not guaranteed.

So you know, the next time you need buy a medicinechoice an interchangeable genericbecause, according to the Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks (Cofepris), they have the same quality, safety and efficacy than those of patent.

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