Thursday , October 21 2021

Diario Salud – Director of the SNS affirms that the anti-rabies vaccine is available in the DPS


SANTO DOMINGO. – O National Health Service (SNS) reported that they investigate compliance by health personnel, the protocol established for patients who resort to health centers for animal bites and, in case of negligence, the measures of place will be applied.

The director of the SNS, Chanel Rosa Chupany, said that the rabies vaccine is available from the Provincial Health Directorates (DPS) that supply the major hospitals.

The health authority said that before a case of animal bite should apply a vaccination scheme consisting of several doses during the first 28 days, conduct laboratory tests and monitor the animal. "For this reason, is that, in addition to medical care, cases must be reported immediately and mandatory for the DPS to start a joint work"He explained.

He also added that hospital epidemiology departments work in conjunction with DPS in communities to conduct vaccination days for domestic animals.

Mr. Rosa Chupany, said that the offer of rabies vaccine will be strengthened due to cases that have been detected and clarified that it is currently available in the Main health centers, among them the Robert Reid Cabral, Hugo Mendoza, the Admiral, Hacienda Estrella, Boca Chica, Villa Mella and in centers of the interior of the country, besides the warehouses of the DPS.

The owner of the SNS stated that, on the recommendation of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO / WHO) it was decided to eliminate the verticality of the antirabies program so it is not concentrated in one place, but vaccines are available in several health centers and prevention work is ongoing in all communities in the country.

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