Sunday , October 17 2021

Deputy Ossandon asks to review per diems and differentiate them from operating expenses in another item | National

Funds for tips, hosting, mobile office rental and fuel are included in the 28 points covered by parliamentary powers which both deputies and senators receive month after month.

All these expenses must be legislative work of each Member.

The deputy, Ximena Ossandon, requested that travel expenses are reviewed and differentiated from operating expenses, because although they are different, they are within the same item.

The detail comes to light after a series of questions on excessive payments received by some parliamentarians during the current year. In addition, a few weeks ago it was learned that lawmakers receive a 193 thousand pesos per month for the concept of wear of your vehicle.

The Socialist deputy and vice-president of the Chamber of Deputies, Jaime Mulet, indicated that each deputy and senator has an approximate amount of 4 million pesos which should be attributed to the exercise of their work.

Mr Rim, Mr Ximena Ossandón, said that we should differentiate between operating expenses and travel expenses, since both are within the allocations, but respond to different expenses.

The Deputy National Renewal asked the House Finance Department to provide the details of the excessive payments to return the money corresponding to the daily, According to her, they do not match due to their residence in the area.

Three weeks after the massive payments have been detected, the Parliamentary Audit Committee can only start the review in the coming days. Instance where will review payments from March to date and will consider all Members.

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