Dengue: Juan Manuel Urtubey officially denied haemorrhagic cases or deaths from the disease


»Juan Manuel Urtubey (Photo credit: InfoBAE)

O Governor Juan Manuel Urtubey he said that 2 million pesos were converted into Tartagal for the purchase of bleaching materials, discarding tasks and a product to disinfect blind wells to eliminate larvae in the last year. He mentioned that Minister Mascarello had asked the Attorney General to investigate the legislator and doctor of San Martín, Manuel Pailler, "Who falsely claimed that there were deaths due to hemorrhagic dengue."

O Dr. Manuel Pailler presented a project to address in the Chamber of Deputies, where he requests the declaration of sanitary emergency in the northern region after the outbreak of dengue.

Under harsh accusations of concealment of information and unrealistic data on the true extent of the outbreak, a commission of the Ministry of Health arrived for the first time; who presented a detail about the work that was done and answered the concerns.

However, the responses of the experts led to an increase in disbelief and, for that very reason, internalized the situation, On Friday, the 26th, the Health Commission of the Chamber of Deputies arrived to meet with the direction of the Public Hospital; appointment of which also included legislators from the department.

"As a result of the versions that have emerged about the dengue situation in Tartagal, we first ask that the issue be treated with the seriousness and responsibility that a disease deserves to avoid the dissemination of false information," open the transmission line.

According to the governor's publications on his personal account on Twitter; "Over the next week, the Health Commission will present a public report on the situation."

At the time the governor's writings were published, he pointed out that "We do not have registered cases of dengue hemorrhagic deaths, as it is being published in the press."

However, the accusation of Minister of Health; Roque Mascarello; It is the most controversial. Urtubey publishes that the holder of said portfolio "He asked the attorney general for a prosecutor to investigate San Martin's lawmaker and physician, Manuel Pailler, who falsely claimed that there were deaths from dengue hemorrhagic fever."

"The Ministry of Health has studied specific cases. Laboratory tests were negative for hemorrhagic dengue. The causes of death were: one case of hantavirosis, another case of colon carcinoma, another case of cardiogenic shock and the last case of hypertensive shock ", announce

In closing, the governor emphasizes that "MEPs came to the conclusion that it was not necessary to declare the health emergency. Over the next week, the Health Commission will present a public report on the situation ".


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