Thursday , April 22 2021

"Delete this photo": Luis Jara's rude request for Karol Lucero after sharing the image of the past | TV and Show

It is a fact that the good vibes between some animators and Much pleasure It transcends the screen. A clear example of this are Patricia Maldonado and Joaquín Méndez or Karol Lucero and Luis Jara.

And it was precisely the latter who a few days ago starred a comical moment in social networks, specifically on the Instagram, after the young animator shared a postcard where he appears with Jara and José Miguel Viñuela 12 years ago.

It all came as part of this trend that is taken every Thursday that the social network, & # 39; # TBT & # 39; (Throwback Thursday) and has to do with reliving some image of the past, however, this time the one chosen by Lucero did not benefit at all for the singer

"#TBT Mega birthday party today.In 2006 I told them that we would work together," wrote Karol, who at the time was only 19 years old.

Karol Lucero | Instagram

Karol Lucero | Instagram

And as we said, being unfavorable, Jara did not think twice and left a rather rude remark, asking her to please remove the photo because she did not look good.



Who seems not to have cared much for what it seemed was for Viñuela, who only responded after Lucho, "good friend".

Even so, the interpreter's comment added more than 400 responses that praised his good mood. The photo itself received about 70,000 tanned and about 1,500 comments.

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