What happened?

Around 2.45 pm this Wednesday, two people Assaulted an agency of Banco Itaú, located in Apoquindo with IV Centeranio, managing to steal about US $ 130 million.

How did it happen?

The venue arrived 2 people dressed as employees of Chilexpress, who after entering the bank threatened the team to proceed with the robbery.

"Two people who were dressed as employees of Chilexpress, with a corporate van, they went inside the Itaú bank, which was opened by one of the executives, "said Colonel Gonçalves, of the Andes prefecture.

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"Just then the watchman was on leave for a day and only the bank staff was"he added.

What happened to the robbers?

The criminals fled, leaving the truck in which they mobilized in Columbus East, then take another vehicle and escape, apparently, to the south. This is why Carabieneros closed the main roads of the east zone so that criminals do not go to the southern sector of the capital.

"Witnesses' version tells us that they would have fled in another Trucks Fiorino, which we are looking for at this moment in the entire eastern zone of the capital, "Gonçalves said.

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Security protocols

The colonel in charge of the operation said that "What strikes them is that they opened them immediately, without waiting for a big identification, like a ballot or some other type of identification that the bank handles with some protocols. "

"We in those moments We are checking the entire protocol which has this bank and also the existing protocols in OS10, with which we will establish what were the errors that were committed, "he added.

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