Declaration of the National Network of Indigenous Peoples in support of the denunciation of Willy Morales


The National Network of Indigenous Peoples RENPO Chile supports the denunciation of Brother Willy Morales and appeals to protest against the public policies to combat HIV / AIDS of the Ministry of Health

On behalf of the National Network of Indigenous Peoples in response to HIV / AIDS, we offer our full support to our partner, the indigenous brother Willy Morales, who is currently seriously hospitalized for the HIV / AIDS therapy experiment being developed by the Ministry. Health and especially by the Minister of Health, who did not bother to inform us about the real situation that is happening in our country and, therefore, to generate public health policies that are not in line with current reality.

That is why we inform that on November 30 we will meet in front of the Ministry of Health to return all the alternative medicine of HIV / AIDS that they gave us, which caused us great health problems and a clear example is what happens with our brother and companion Willy Morales, who is struggling between life and death because of the changes in his medicine that the Ministry of Health believed or thought was best for us.

As a form of manifestation and repudiation for not including us in the making of decisions as an indigenous people with respect to what is appropriate for us in our health, we will meet on the 30th to give them all the remedy. of the HIV they gave us and caused us a lot of damage.

RENPO Chile sends a big hug and we ask our brother Willy Morales to continue his fight, because behind him we are there to support him.

Yes You, Minister, do not deign to give us space and give us space as indigenous people so we can decide on our health, we will be forced to seek other means, other mechanisms to make us listen.

You can check the video with Willy Morales's report:


Tai Riroroko Pakarati

Spokesperson for the National Network of Indigenous Peoples RENPO Chile

Clinical Hospital San Borja Arriarán, November 26, 2018.


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