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Debut of "La Huincha" beats "Pact of Blood" rating and social networks – Shows and Culture


Debut of

The casting of the show will also air on Thursday and Friday in prime time. Tvn


This Tuesday he made his debut "La Huincha", The program looks for the humorous talent that Karen Doggenweiler directs and has done it successfully for the public channel, as it has managed to improve the main audience of TVN in more than 3 points, and became the first trend in social networks.

Between 22.35 and 00.40 hours, "La Huincha" obtained an average online rating of 8.1 points, increasing the TVN's tuning by more than 3 points compared to last Tuesday (4.8 points). In addition, when it competed with the TV series "Pact of Blood", between 22.35 and 23.31 hours, the TVN program was the winner with an average online rating of 8.4 points, while Channel 13 obtained 7 , 4 units.

In social networks the hashtag #LaHuinchaTVN It also became the first trend on Twitter, leaving behind the mentions obtained by the nocturnal fiction of Channel 13.

The program has as jurors Eduardo Ravani, Francisca Merino and Álvaro Salas which also generated hundreds of comments on Twitter and managed to be a trend. The actor and comedian Rodrigo Salinas He also made a laugh playing with a security guard who was talking to the participants eliminated at the end of his presentation.

In "La Huincha", participants must climb on a mobile platform while presenting their routine in two minutes before the jury decides whether or not to go to the next step. If they are qualified, they must face duels to choose the winners of each chapter, who go straight to the galas where they have the option of performing at the Olmué Festival and the Talca Independence Festival.

The first chapters correspond to the stage of cast and will be broadcast until Friday in prime time. Next week, meanwhile, the qualifiers that will have two weekly broadcasts will begin.


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