Dead, drenched, isolated and barriers: rains wreak havoc in Los Lagos | National


This Wednesday Heavy rain fell in the Los Lagos region, precipitations that have generated a series of problems and even a fatal victim.

As indicated by the Carabineros and Governor Leticia Oyarce, the death of an elderly is related to the frontal system. The man was found sitting outside his house with no vital signs.

According to the neighbors, the deceased could not have entered his house since his son, supposedly alcoholic, was not playable. The background information was made available to the Attorney.

As for the wetlands, in their last balance, the Onemi estimated in 25 affected houses, all located in the sector Villa Rayén of Puerto Montt, product of the accumulation of water in the road.

In a conversation with Radio Bío Bío, residents of the Puerto Montt Portal indicated that rains always flood their homes. Although at the end of this issue this still does not happen, an auditor said that they expected this to happen.

At the Hospital of Llanquihue, the ambulance courtyard flood was reported. The firefighters worked with motor pumps to avoid the waterlogging in the sectors of Urgency and boilers.

The mayor of HualaihuéFreddy Ibacache announced that the commune, from 14:00 hours, has no electricity supply. For its part, the municipality confirmed that classes were suspended for Thursday.


In AncudMeanwhile, a landslide occurred as a result of the breakage of the matrix, which also affected the public lighting system. Brigades of Saesa and Essal went to the emergency room.

On the other hand, traffic was also affected at km 1,235 of Ruta 5 Sur, in the Molulco, by another landslide that affected the road. The people on the road were in charge of clearing the road.

In Chaitén, in the sector "Fishing House", the increase of the river Aquella isolated 35 people, situation confirmed by the governor of the province of Palena, Osvaldo Oelcker.

The authority also announced that it began monitoring the Burritos River, near Villa Santa Lucia and Yelcho sector, where some landslides also occurred.

The same Oelcker confirmed that in Caleta Gonzalo there was a landslide, which is why they dispatched a truck to clean the affected roads.

In addition to the above, he added that through social networks he learned about the floods in Contagua.

On the other hand, in Cheap flights from Puerto Varas, neighbors of the Alps have had problems by the accumulation of rains in the place. The Rio Pescado and Colônia Tres Puentes also suffered from this problem.


The Emergency Operations Committee has already met on this day and scheduled a New meeting at 5:00 p.m.For example, where they will evaluate the measures to be taken during Thursday.

Onemi regional director Alejandro Vergés delivered the first water balance that fell after the last COE: Hornopirén 45mm, Villa Santa Lucia 58mm, 80m Montt Puerto, Ensenada 89mm and Ancud 74mm. As he said, until midnight, other 40mm could fall into the area.


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