Thursday , April 22 2021

David Pizarro: I thought I was going to retire somewhere else and I make it happy now in U | sports

David Pizarro was excited after the draw by U against Iquique, which ended up signifying that the laymen said goodbye to the title.

In this regard, he said that "unfortunately we can not break an iron defense like that of Iquique and it's a shamebecause we felt we could take it to the end. "

Regarding what he experienced in front of the Celestial Dragons, Pek recognized that "We did not have the luck we could have had on other occasions. We have to fight for the second place that gives you direct access to the Copa Libertadores"

As for the retirement, Pizarro confessed that he is happy, because "at the time I was not doing what I intended when I arrived in Chile"

"I want to go back to the port (of Valparaiso) for the social question, as it always has been, I am connected to the social question. I thought I was going to retire somewhere else and I happily retire to the University of Chile"he said, thanking him for what he had experienced in the romantic traveler.

"Today's response from the U people, to me is the biggest reward they can give me," he said.

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