Dare to live a year without a smartphone and earn 100 thousand dollars


Smart phones have become more than a necessity for people. Many spend the remaining 24 hours of their cell phones for some activity: social networking, information search, listening to music, and more.

In addition, Vitaminwater is offering in a contest a good offer for users who travel for a year without their smartphones.

A reward is offered of $ 100 thousand dollars as the grand prize for the winner, but everything has to be with tests. If someone wants to fool you, the company will subject you to the lie detector test.

Not to be out of communication, the company will provide a cell phone from the 90's that can be used during the contest.

But that gives you one more option. If you can not be without a smartphone throughout the year, but complete the task in six months, your profit will be $ 10,000.

Participants must sign up for the contest before January 8, 2019. To do this, they must post a tweet or post on Instagram how they would use their year if they would take a break on their smartphone. You must include #nophoneforayear and #contest hashtags in your social media publication. Here the bases of contest.

Source: Peru21

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