Monday , July 26 2021

Daniela & Chiqui & # 39; Aguayo & # 39; autotrolled & # 39; and mocked Alberto Plaza at the Olmué Festival | TV and Show

The comedian Daniela & Chiqui & # 39; Aguayo He was presented on the stage of the Huaso de Olmué Festival, on his third day, with a routine marked by jokes about him and with the national singer Alberto Plaza.

With a life journal in hand, the comedian began to narrate alleged funny events of his adolescent life, with which he laughed at Patagual.

The actress remembered her passage to the Festival of Viña del Mar in 2017, where she was criticized for the high content of scribbles that her routine had.

In his presentation in Olmué, he stated that he wrote in his diary that he always wanted to participate in the Viñamarino contest. "When I grow up, I would like to be at the Viña Festival and not write scribble. Be very polite and feminine," he said wryly.


Later he said: "They were angry at me, but the country is very elegant … This country is cuma".

In addition, the time to troll the national singer Alberto Plaza, which also caused negative comments on social networks for their contingency statements. Feminism and transsexuality, among them.

Aguayo said on stage that he felt connected to the musician. "Dear Diary, I like a singer (Plaza). I love him, I hope he never goes out of style or goes crazy talking about you," he said, causing laughter.

The comedian had a successful passage through the musical contest of Olmué, managing to take the affection of the public. Of course, she had to overcome a serious incident that forced her to pause her routine: a spotlight on the box caught fire.

However, Aguayo quickly managed to get out of the way and continued with his presentation.

According to the numbers, you can access BioBioChilebetween 00:02 and 02:07, TVN had an average of 20 audience points, a number that managed to triple the competition.

At the same time, Channel 13 obtained averages of 6.1 points, Mega 6.2 and Chilevisión 5.6.


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