Daniel "Palomo" Valenzuela replied to Yamila Reyna Glamorama


Author: C. Z. / December 10, 2018

"Clearly, my relationship with Daniel, in a way, and this I say on a good wave, added more to it than me," said Yamila Reyna about her relationship with "Palomo" Valenzuela, with whom he finished more than eight months ago.

Yamila was consulted for her novel with Valenzuela on Very Good Morning. "I feel Daniel was overtaken by people's criticism of what happened to him, and that our relationship took that backpack," explained the comedian, emphasizing what "Palomo" lived through his breakup with Paloma Aliaga. -CLARE THE COMPLETE COMMENT OF YAMILA IN PALOMO-

And Daniel answered him. In an interview with Intruders, the radio host said:

Palomo Valenzuela: "I think it's exhausting.It's exhausting to be so exposed, really.And profit or no profit, I do not draw these conclusions from the relationship.It's a beautiful experience where each one gave the best, and that's it.

"For me, this variable does not play in relationships. When it is a relationship of love, couple commitment, this variable does not play"

Intruder Journalist: "And what helped you clear your image like Palomo with Paloma?"

Valenzuela: "I've never tried to clean anything either, they're the experiences, one offers the best in experience and that."


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