Daddy Yankee Returns Amid Millionaire Demand from Local Producer


Reggaetonero agreed to his return to March after a frustrated tour with Luis Fonsi, for which he now needs $ 3.7 million.

It was expected to be the meeting of the year: last August, with Despacio still resonating, a local producer officiated the arrival of the authors of the season's greatest success, Daddy Yankee and Luis Fonsi, with Chile as the stage of their first joint tour. . The tour, scheduled for October, included three recitals (Coquimbo, Concepción and Santiago) and was a milestone for the national card, but a month before the illusion reached the plenary and representatives of reggaeton, through a statement, announced the cancellation of the full tour "because the company did not fulfill the conditions of payment stipulated in the contract, among other violations."

Immediately came the crossfire: while Daddy Yankee's lawyer claimed that local prosecutors never agreed on a shared appointment, according to Cult, the national Empire Digital Entertainment company responded by claiming that the artist canceled the tour unilaterally, since he would have refused to share the stage with his compatriot.

The controversy echoed in the international press, which saw in the impasse the definitive collapse of the duo and threatened – according to the one appointed by the reggaeton team – to continue in court. The precedent did not prevent Daddy Yankee from continuing to talk to several Chilean entertainment companies, with which he began to negotiate his return to the country.

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Thus, four months after the embarrassment, the interpreter already agreed with a new date in the capital. According to industry sources, the concert was scheduled for March, in a high capacity venue, with the possibility of going to the regions. Although details must be made official in the coming days, so far the site chosen is the Movistar Arena.

In any case, March will be crossed by the unrest of his aborted visit four months ago. This, after November, Empire Digital Entertainment presented at the 11th Civil Court of Santiago a complaint against the singer, his manager and his representative office, for termination of contract with damages.

The sum requested in the lawsuit is one of the millionaires most recorded by the Chilean billboard in terms of canceled events: a total of $ 2,488,303,000 ($ 3.7 million), which is divided into $ 264,993. 000 for emerging damages; $ 1,500,000,000 for lost profits and $ 723,310,000 for moral damages.

However, the civil suit would not prevent Daddy Yankee from entering the country nor the completion of the March concert by another company. Although your stay may have an effect on the process: according to legal representatives of Empire Digital Entertainment, the counterpart has not yet been notified of the cause, which could happen when the musician and his team walk on local ground. "The lawsuit is in the process of an international warrant before the Supreme Court for the purpose of passing it on to the Foreign Ministry and sending it to Puerto Rico. It is a lengthy process," explains Diego Sánchez, the producer's lawyer.

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As detailed in the document, local promoters contacted Mireddys González in March, a representative of El Cartel Records and Daddy Yankee's wife, to hire the singer for two concerts in Coquimbo and Santiago. Both parties have had a long and successful record of concerts since 2007, for the recital of Athletics Porto-riquense, which was followed by seven other events. A total of $ 600,000 (plus expenses) was agreed for both dates.

A month later, from Chile, the soloist's team was informed that they planned to include an opening act, even without defining or mentioning Fonsi. A detail that according to the document "is illustrative that the defendant always was in antecedent that my represented one had the intention to integrate another artist". Thus, in May, the producer returned the signed contracts to Puerto Rico, although it is established that Empire Digital Entertainment "never received notification that the defendants signed the written contracts".

In the same month the payments of half of the agreed for each show ($ 300 thousand) were executed, but in August the inconveniences began, when Mireddys González wrote to the local signature threatening to cancel the tour after knowing that this would be added Fonsi Despite this , days later and via whatsapp, González "clearly expresses his approval regarding the participation" of the baladeira, "specifying that the spectacle of this would end the event," according to the document. In those days, a show is being traded in Concepción, for which Gonzalez would also have asked Daddy Yankee to be opened, which for the author "ends up being a testimony" as proof that everything was going well.

The plot ends on September 8. The manager of the singer alleges by e-mail to the Chileans who missed late payments and requires the extra amount of US $ 100,000 for each of the three shows due to Fonsi's presence. On the 19th of that month, the day before the public announcement of the cancellation by El Cartel Records, the producer was notified that it was leaving the tour.

Although Yankee's representatives did not respond to Cult's consultations, his lawyer, Edwyn Prado, told the media on September 20 that he had filed a lawsuit that day against the Chilean firm in the Federal Court of Puerto Rico. Sánchez says that, so far, they have not been notified of any legal action.

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