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The consumer electronics fair CES 2019 It has left us with great products in development that have captured the attention of many, as it was with LG, which brought to the forefront its revolutionary HomeBrew capable of producing beer at home and SIGNATURE OLED TV R, a TV capable of rolling and adopting three positions.

Voice capabilities are increasingly common in new technology products, from speakers and televisions to refrigerators. It is given its great functionality that Halfords decided to incorporate this technology into bicycles, Legend And Cibica, the first electronic bicycle that the Amazon assistant brings, Alexa.

Legend And Cibica
Legend And Cibica

"We have seen that innovations in alternative travel are getting stronger and, after electric bicycles, we anticipate that the next big trend for those who travel daily is smart bikes," explains Andy, a bicycle expert on the Halfords website. Whitehall.

"The Cybic contains all the features we love about Alexa but now on a bike and we are delighted to be the first to offer this to UK customers," added the expert.

Alexa's job is to make the use of these voice commands, similar to what can be seen in cars, in this way, it is possible to ask for directions and other functions without having to resort to stopping and consulting the cell phone, so that the risk of accident on the phone.

The wizard is located in a control panel attached to the bike handlebar, also integrating a GPS, safety lock, alarm and a Vodafone SIM card with three years of free data 3ghowever, no planned data has been specified and may only be available in the United Kingdom.

Legend And Cibica
Legend And Cibica

According to the Engadget news portal, the microphone that has been incorporated to capture the voice commands is surprisingly sensitive, which is a good thing, since voice assistants need to the highest quality to work properly.

In addition, near the trunk is a plastic panel with physical buttons with the functions of park the bike blocking the integrated rear hub, turn on the lights, and take pictures with any camera connected via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Legend And Cibica
Legend And Cibica

The bike also supports Wi-Fi and has its own music player, as well as providing the user with real-time data speed, distance and other activity statistics.

So far there are no known details about the price or the rest of the features, such as autonomy or weight, but it will be available in the UK and your purchase will be exclusively through Halford's online and physical stores, starting this summer. .


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