CS Streamer: GO got caught using Wallhack for the reflection of their glasses


Valve during this last time, has put efforts and probably many accounts, to find and eliminate users who cheat on their games, with very good results in a short time, the biggest responsible for this, is an artificial intelligence system that seeks suspicious behavior and puts them in analysis, this way more than 500,000 players were suspended last time. But like everything else, it is not perfect and many go unnoticed, yet pride is the first thing that makes cheating fall.

In a live broadcast of Streamer, Kristoffer "faken" Anderssonthat was once Counter Strike 1.6 professional player, now playing Counter Strike: Global Offensive in its broadcasts, was discovered using Wallhack in an unusual way, although on the transmission screen you do not see such a thing, if we look closely at your glasses, which do not seem to solve an optical problem, but rather protect the vision from the Light Blue screen, we can see in detail what actually happens in your game.

In the right eye you can see the red silhouette

As we can see in the image, you can see a silhouette highlighted in red just behind a door, outside where it was hidden faken, this was perceived by a viewer of his broadcast and quickly began to prosecute publicly for fraud and also deceiving his audience.

At the time of writing this note, the channel Kristoffer "faken" Andersson, was eliminated because of what they have just seen, it is now unknown whether Valve will apply sanctions.

Although the company owns the game has made great efforts to eradicate cheaters, every day more and more who do this to gain their moment of fame or because they definitely need to feel that they gain something from it, in Faken's case, perhaps it was not even necessary, because of his past.


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