Cristián de la Fuente had a tough time at the Ironman in Pucón


It was the first triathlon performed by the actor. Cristián de la Fuente was one of the brave ones that dared to compete in the Ironman of Pucón. However, not everything finished as he wanted, since he even thought about not finishing the competition.

The presence of his wife, Angelica Castro and his daughter Laura, were fundamental for Cristián to feel a special motivation and to be able to finish the test.

In a conversation with Las Ultimas Noticias, the actor explained that "I got stuck in swimming, I thought I could not continue competing there, but I thought about them where they were here and I could not disappoint them."

"If I had to say a word for it, it would be impossible.It's the hardest thing I've ever done in my life.In that part of the swimming I said that I can not throw away the sponge, I have my daughter waiting for me here," added the actor.

During the competition, her daughter Laura was holding a sign that said, "Come on, Dad, you can. I love you. You're a champion." It took the actor 6 hours and a half to complete the competition.


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