Cristián Castro is dry for milk … in bottle


No one knows how Cristián Castro, the Mexican singer, gets news from time to time and accurately not because of his music. It is that the son of the actress Verónica Castro had an impact when assuming what Gabriela Bo, his ex-wife, told an interview in Argentina. At the time, Gaby said that the voice of "Azul", 45, was still drinking milk in bottles, that while they were getting married he asked his employees to do it.

He had a lot of things for the boys because his nephews were going to stay in. And it was a small cup with the pacifier in the bottle, "he threw it into the water.

Cristián decided to give his version of events to the program of his country "The fat and the skinny one", of the Univisión, where he spoke of his fetishes.

The interpreter of "Lloran las Rozas" indicated that Bo had told the truth and gave proof that he does not care what people think. "I really like to feel things that I felt when I was a child and that I really liked as a child, like all the boys I think, that we shut up a lot because we want to be great and not say" oh, what a little boy, you are a little bit " he began to reflect.

For this he added. "I do not care, I get to do things like that … It's not like I'm always drinking milk from a bottle, sometimes I can hold the bottle and say" how delicious ".


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