Creative mode at Fortnite: tips and tricks to get the most out of it


In this new Fortnite guide, we bring several tricks and tips to maximize creative mode. Then you can get all the juice for the options of this new free creation mode that is already available in the title developed by Epic Games.

One of the great innovations of the Fortnite 7.0 update was the introduction of Creative Mode to the game. This new permanent game mode allows users to Fortnite move freely and without time limit to your own island to create something that goes through your head. In this way, pWe can create our own mini-games and video clips spectacular using many tools.

But as all of this can be a bit cumbersome and complicated at first, we decided to give it a little hand and offer you a new chapter from our Fortnite guide in which we will show you several tricks and tips to maximize creative mode. But before we get into work, we invite you to read our article on all the details of the new creative mode Fortnite to know more in depth.

Creative mode of Fortnite

Tips and tricks for the creative way of Fortnite

Here are some tips and tricks to get the most out of Fornite's Creative Mode. So you can create your own mini-games more easily and invite your friends to enter your island to have fun together.

Buy the Battle Pass

If you are a normal Fortnite player, you may not be able to access Creative Mode. This is because, for now, the mode is only available to owners of the Battle pass of the title, so it is necessary that you do with it in order to create your own worlds and mini-games. After passing the battle, you will see that Creative Mode appears in the main menu of the Fortnite and you can access it without problems. If you do not mind waiting and prefer not to buy the Fortnite Battle Pass, remember that Creative Mode will be open to all players on December 13th.

Access the different worlds

When you're insidel creative mode, you will see that it will be sent to a small area where there are several pillars and stone portals. Each of these portals leads to different worlds that you can visit. Through the golden portal you will access your saved maps (everything you build will be saved automatically so you do not miss anything if you close the session), while in others you will find mini-games, community creations and creations of your own. Epic Games.

Get ideas from other players

If you want to create a really appealing and entertaining minigame, but run out of ideas, do not hesitate to enter the portals of community creations or Epic in the Creative mode of Fortnite. In them you will find many mini-games created by other users that can be used as inspiration for your own creations.

Fly to have a better perspective

One of the great advantages of Creative Mode is that it allows us to fly whenever we want. To exit and enter the flight mode, just press the jump button twice. This will give you the option of having an aerial view of the area to better control space and manipulate the elements of creation more accurately. Nothing like the eye of an eagle to create maps with logic and precision.

Creative mode of Fortnite

Use prefabricated constructions

Ok, the good thing about Creative Mode is that it allows you to release your imagination to create all kinds of structures, but do not go blind doing everything from scratch. This mode also has a menu that gives access to many prefabricated buildings that can help you save a lot of time when building your buildings or mini-games. You will see that there are prefabricated devices (towers, traps), weapons, consumables, chests and, above all, buildings … In short, you do not have to do everything manually. You can open the prefabricated menu, select the elements you want to complete your creation and play them on the map to save a lot of construction time. Of course, all of these elements can be modified, so do not hesitate to do so if you want to give them a different look than they have in the mode Battle Royale.

Fortnite - Creative Mode

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Place Floating Objects

One of the cool things that can be done in Fortnite's creative mode is to place floating objects. To do this, you just need to place "Off" the option to launch the object when it is placed on the map (if it is on, it will fall directly on the ground). In this way, the object will be suspended in the air and you can create scenarios in the sea of ​​fun for, for example, parkour minigames.

Fortnite - Creative Mode

Configure the rules of your minigames

obviously, when you create a minigame with Creative Mode, you will want to establish some concrete rules so that they can be fulfilled by the rest of the players Fortnite. To do this, you will have to display the menu and go to the end for the option called "My island". From this submenu, you can modify any type of feature of your minigames, from the teams to the time limit. From this menu you can also set the editing permissions of your island, if you do not want anyone to change anything you created.

Invite squads to your mini-games

O Creative Mode allows 16 players to remain in the same game, so you can create minigames designed for four squads. Invite your friends to join your island to create all together or to take advantage of what you've built in the company and put your mini-games to the test. You will have so much fun!

Be creative

Finally, we recommend something very obvious, but not least: Be creative! This Fortnite game mode allows you to build almost anything that crosses your mind, so take advantage of all its functions. Create racing circuits for vehicles, maze maps, large stadiums, obstacle courses for parkour, huge worlds that honor other games. In summary, try to be the most original and leave your mouth open to the rest of the players Fortnite with its island.

Fortnite - Creative Mode

And here are our tricks and tips for maximizing Fortnite's Creative Mode. Now, we invite you to consult our Review of Fortnite Battle Royale it's ours Guide to Fortnite, where you will find everything you need to learn how to build better, master some types of weapons, learn to aim better and discover more than 100 tricks to win games. In addition, we remind you that you can already consult how to complete all the challenges of Season 7 of Fortnite Battle Royale.


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