Cost went to the clouds! They used 72 planes and spent $ 438 million in exchange for the command of Fach.


Not only were the planes raised at the command change of Fach on November 5: the costs of air show of the dismissal of Jorge Robles to the position of commander in chief of the agency and that was equivalent to the clouds also went to the clouds Welcome his successor, Arturo Merino Núñez. It was $ 438 million that was used in that ceremony, where 72 airplanes were used.

By the clouds: Fach spent $ 438 million on his change of command Fach

The information was given by Fach itself through a press release, which states that "the change of command ceremony had a total cost of $ 634,452, equivalent in national currency to $ 438,095,291."

Criticism of the President

The event generated criticism from the same president, Sebastián Piñera, who this evening, in an interview with Radio Bío Bío, said that the cost of this ceremony was much greater than the change of presidential term on March 11.

Due to this, members of the Defense Commission are already requesting the presence of General Núñez to explain the expenses of the change of command of his agency.

Expense Detail

According to the Fach document, the detail is divided into logistics issues and other operational issues. The first section states that "a cocktail party was held considering 1,364 guests at an expense of $ 7,755,497, with a per capita value of $ 5,686."

They add that "60% partial viability has been assigned to aircraft crews, aircraft mechanics, and battle unit escort units for a total of $ 23,879,486."

In matters of renting tents, awnings, bleachers, amplification, lighting, hardware and snacks, were spent $ 22,337,115.

"In addition to the Texas National Guard Commander of the United States of America, the Commander in Chief of the Air Forces of Argentina and Brazil was invited to allocate a total of US $ 1,289 for food and lodging. , 354 ", add text.

In this line, they indicate that "the expense corresponding to Operation and Support activities equals the sum of US $ 55,261,452 (equivalent to US $ 80,030)."

Flights served as training

By the clouds: Fach spent $ 438 million on his change of command Fach

About the material used in the air, in the statement they emphasize that instances like this serve as training for pilots, an issue that is not considered with the item "cost".

Yes, they state that there was an expense "in fuels and lubricants of US $ 554,422, equivalent in national currency to US $ 382,833,839."

They add that "in this type of activities (institutional anniversary, military parade, among others), aircrews are trained in the execution of long-term missions with in-flight refueling, aerial training of multiple aircraft coordinated in time and space, planning missions under NATO standards and the execution of command and control of complex air operations at operational and tactical level "

They also point out that "in the transfer of the F-16 and A-29 units, back and forth in the command exchange, simulated operational missions were carried out as part of the Operational Efficiency Maintenance Program."

Finally, they conclude that all this leads to the final cost of more than $ 438 million.


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