Monday , April 19 2021

Copihue de Oro: The Blood Pact is crowned as the Best Teleserie

"Blood pact" It was the great surprise of the night, to be awarded the category of Best Teleserie in the Copihue de Oro 2018.

Just two months after its debut, the night of Channel 13 managed to devastate the vote, where he hit productions such as forgiving our sins, hidden truths, House of Dolls, The Hunt and if I were rich, all of Mega.

The thriller actors, Blanca Lewin, Ignacia Baeza, Pablo Macaya, Ignacia Baeza and Álvaro Gomez were some of those who took the stage to receive the prize and very surprised thanked all the spectators who each night tune the television series and make it the most talked about topic in social networks.

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"We are happy to be part of a television series that managed to catch people every night", said the team that rose in full to collect the award.

Remember that the ceremony is being conducted by Monserrat Álvarez, Julián Elfenbein, José Miguel Viñuela, María Luísa Godoy, Daniel Fuenzalida and Alejandra Valle, also featured performances by Villa Carino, Andrés de León and the humor show Melón and Melame.

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