Copihue de Oro: mentions Catrillança and furor by Monito Vidal


The fourteenth version of the Copihue de Oro was full of great moments. Actors, comedians, entertainers and television programs were performed during the night, where Channel 13 has 5 categories.

Best animator, best actor, best TV series, best actor and king of Copihue de Oro, were the awards received by the television station in this edition of 2018.

But like all awards, there is always a B-side that marks the night and this time the one that most caught the attention outside the looks of the celebrities, were the constants mentions the Catrillança and the debut of Monito Vidal.

On a night of glamor, the political and social issue set the tone, especially when MEPs Karol Cariola and Camila Vallejo hit the red carpet of the event, paying tribute to Pedro Lemebel and Gladys Marín, which they incorporated into their respective clothing. But they were not the only ones they remembered.

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It was there that Cariola took out a Mapuche flag in a gesture after the death of Camilo Catrillanca, young comunero during a police operation.

"We are raising the flag of the Mapuche people because we can not stop asking for justice for the Mapuche people, and especially for Camilo Catrillanca, "said the parliamentarian.

Then, at the ceremony, the first to raise the voice of the Mapuche people was the animator Francisco Saavedra. The communicator asked "recognition for the Mapuche people"and also criticized public health.

Along the same lines, during the Concussion band -That was not televised, there was also a tribute to Catrillanca. In the screen located at the back of the stage, an image was projected with the face of the victim, with the message "Let your 24-year-old face cover the horizon."

But something completely different that also drew attention was the appearance of Monito Vidal, who won the "Best Youtuber" award. The son of soccer player Arturo Vidal shone like a star of the Chilean show and stole all eyes, both on the red carpet and at the ceremony of the event.


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